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Jul 23, 2021Chimney

Many Plano homeowners believe that a basic chimney sweep can help them get their fireplace up and running. Our professionals from Elegant Fireside and Patio can perform a certified chimney sweep while performing a detailed inspection of all the essential components of the fireplace, both inside and outside.

Are you a homeowner who does not use their fireplace often? Have you switched to a gas insert, so you don’t need an annual sweep?

How can you, as a homeowner, can find out if you need a professional fireplace repair? Below you will find essential things that you can check to find out the current state of your fireplace and determine if it needs fireplace repair.

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Woodfire smell

If you smell burning wood from your fireplace even though you have not used it for a while, it suggests that your chimney has creosote buildup.

For those who don’t know, creosote is a combustion material produced in a wood fire and is known to be highly flammable. This substance tends to stick to the side of a chimney flue every time you start a fire.

Regular cleaning is critical because when there is excess creosote, the chances of a chimney fire increase. If your chimney has layers of creosote, it will destroy the chimney liner and result in a home fire.


Debris other than wood

It is common to see logs inside your fireplace, but if you notice any bits of clay, it suggests that there is a problem. Ideally, chimney flues are built using clay tiles since they are both inexpensive and durable.

However, if your clay tiles begin to deteriorate, you may notice a few bits and pieces inside your fireplace. In that case, you should not use your fireplace until a professional chimney expert from Elegant Fireside and Patio inspects the chimney and makes all the required fireplace repairs to the liner.

In most cases, a chimney liner replacement is much more practical than having it repaired. This is because your tiles will continue to deteriorate even after you make the fireplace repairs.

It is quicker, easier, and less expensive for you to get a new chimney liner installed instead of having it repaired. You can even have a stainless-steel chimney liner installed since they give you a lifetime warranty.


Difficulty starting a fire

A dirty chimney that has layers of creosote can negatively affect your chimney draft. You must have a properly functioning draft to allow all toxic combustion gases created by wood to get outside the house effortlessly.

If you have a weak current, it may get challenging for you to start a fire. If you have been wondering why it is difficult for you to get a fire started, then it’s time for you to schedule a professional chimney cleaning and inspection as soon as possible.


White stains on the chimney

Moisture and leaks in a chimney system can be notoriously difficult for an average homeowner to identify in its early stage.

One of the most common signs that suggest your chimney system has been infiltrated with excess moisture is if you notice any white stains on your chimney, also known as efflorescence.

This staining occurs as a result of salt that evaporates on the brick walls. Any water inside the masonry mixes with soluble salt, which may be in the brick material. The water will then naturally travel through the masonry, leaving a white stain as evidence of moisture damage on the chimney bricks.


Why should you hire a professional from Elegant Fireside and Patio to make these fireplace repairs?

Our professionals from Elegant Fireside and Patio recommend you get at least one annual inspection done to keep your home and fireplace safe.

Most do-it-yourself guides available on the internet explain to you in detail how you can make these repairs by yourself. However, you will get to enjoy numerous benefits when you hire a professional chimney servicing expert from Elegant Fireside and Patio to get the job done for you.


Benefits of hiring a professional expert from Elegant Fireside and Patio

All our professionals know how to clean and repair your fireplace correctly. You will not have to worry if all the creosote has been removed safely. A certified professional sweep will give you peace of mind knowing that they did the job correctly.

Hiring a professional from Elegant Fireside and Patio to make the required repairs will also help you save time. Making these fireplace repairs by yourself can take hours to complete. On the other hand, professionals have the necessary experience and knowledge to make fireplace repairs faster and better.

A professional fireplace expert from Elegant Fireside and Patio will service the unit as follows:

  • Clean the top
  • Clean under the firebox
  • Clean the glass
  • Clean, remove and reposition the logs as required
  • Clean and adjust the burner to give you an ideal air to fuel mixture
  • Test for any combustible gas leak
  • Check the unit for carbon monoxide leaks
  • Test all components to see if they are operating properly
  • Point out all areas that have any wear or potential failure


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