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Jan 17, 2019fireplace

The RIGHT fireplace

There are a few manufacturers of right fireplaces out there who have begun to address this desire. Travis Industries is one such manufacturer. They manufacture the DaVinci Fireplace. This is a fireplace whose primary goal is to provide a world class fire with no heat. Through a genius power vented system utilizing 2 panes of glass and a powered exhaust fan these fireplaces will allow you to put anything almost anywhere around the fireplace.

There are lower cost options available as well, such as the Fireplace Xtraordinaire pro builder series that uses a heat transfer kit also known as Cool Wall Technology.

They also, have models that allow for recessed installations for use with a deep mantel.

Finally, we have our electric fireplaces. With these units there needs to be no consideration for clearances or location. Simply put the TV and fireplace as close as you want!

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How you can, and when you shouldn’t….

Okay, okay, okay, we get it. You’ve seen it everywhere right? Everyone wants to do it, but you just can’t shake that nervous feeling about putting your high-end electronics above your high heat producing fireplace. So, what’s the deal, and what’s the right way to do it?

hearthstone morganAlright folks, let’s talk TV’s and right fireplaces. To begin this dialogue, we first need to put down some hard and fast facts for you to consider.

  1. 90% of the installations you have seen at a friend’s house, on TV, or in a magazine are wrong. Plain and simple. Most are decorator photos, photoshop, or just plain devoid of thought.
  2. Television manufacturers don’t warranty this method. (in most cases) Hey, you sell a high-end product made mostly of plastic, rubber, and soft metals like gold and platinum, and you probably wouldn’t warranty it against things like…. melting. The simple fact of the matter is we all know plastic melts. Think about it.
  3. Cricks in your neck. If you love them then this is for you, but most of us don’t. TV’s have to be placed so high up to avoid damage that you need to be in a reclined position to see them, or have a “drop down” TV mount that you have to lift and lower every-time you use it.
  4. Behind the wall. Most right fireplaces have chimneys to evacuate the hot exhaust out of the home. While the fireplace may not seem hot, trust me when I tell you the chimney is!
  5. High temperature. If the average fireplace produces temps over 250 degrees off the front and up the wall; ask yourself, “Would I put my TV in the oven at 250?”.

Well, those are the plain and simple facts folks! You won’t need a degree in thermo-engineering to understand those issues. Typically, good ol’ common sense is all you need. So; the question remains, how do you do it properly?

While there are not many options for a proper installation of a right fireplace over a TV, there are a few that will guarantee you have a healthy and happy TV/fireplace experience.


Anything is possible with the right product, but before you go off and wing it based on what your contractor or designer says, come on in and see us here at Elegant Fireside and Patio and we will guide you to the proper fireplace for your perfect finish out!

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