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Chimney leaks are a common reason for most of our chimney repair calls in Plano, Texas. A residential chimney has numerous components that need special attention to keep it in pristine condition. Not caring for it can lead to imperfections in the chimney.

Flaws such as flaking, spalling, creosote buildup, and obstruction can lead to chimney leaks that are scary, confusing, and troublesome to deal with. Besides, trying to pinpoint the source is all the more daunting. This is why it is imperative to call a fireplace professional near you to address the issues.

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We usually narrow down chimney leakage problems into the following five reasons. If the leakage does not fix even after solving these problems, the leakage isn’t probably from your chimney.

  1. Rain

A chimney is most exposed to extreme temperature changes, including snow, scorching heat, and rains. Water that enters the chimney due to heavy rain causes the bricks to spall, age the chimney too soon, and lead to leaks. Rain is uniquely capable of destroying and weakening most residential structures, especially those with defects. Broken gutters, caps, or blockage can further accumulate water in unwanted areas. If you hear dripping sounds from your chimney, it suggests a leakage.

  1. Condensation

Condensation is one of the rare culprits we see with most Plano homes. It reminds us of one of our clients whose wallpaper started peeling in the area where the chimney was running through. By the time they contacted us, things had gotten pretty bad. It was quite an old property designed to carry coal or wood smoke without adequately installed liners. All it took us was to establish a chimney liner and prevent gas fumes from condensing on the insides of the chimney.

  1. Flashing Issues

When we attend service calls related to chimney leaks, we often find that a faulty flashing is the source of trouble. Flashing is the sheet metal that ensures there is no connection between the chimney and the roof. However, flashing deteriorates with time and leads to severe structural damage.  Thus, it is an excellent idea to keep inspecting the chimney area every 6 to 12 months and carefully scrutinize the flashing to rule out any possibilities of damage.

  1. Cracks in Crown

Crowns or caps effectively keep the moisture and water away until they develop cracks. With time, the water makes its way down the chimney flue and enters your property. It is the most prevalent cause of chimney leaks and isn’t immediately visible. Therefore, repairing the cracks, even minor ones, becomes vital to avoid future chimney problems.

  1. Leaking Bricks

Water can also penetrate the brick and mortar, and the resulting damage leads to leaks. Waterproofing the chimney is what helps immensely. But you have to be cautious with the waterproofing materials you utilize. In summers, the water absorbed in the bricks dries up much sooner, but there can be exceptions. The chimney may be in the shade, or the water does not escape by falling. In winters, evaporation is again tricky. Thus, waterproofing the chimney blocks its pores and prevents bricks from getting saturated.



Cracks in the flue can lead to dangerous house fires. Masonry fractures allow the outside contaminants to enter inside and accumulate. Creosote and bird nests are again a problem that can lead to blockages and leaking issues from the chimney. If the chimney isn’t properly covered and functional, water damage can also be extensive.

Do you want all that to happen? Well, if you answered no, chimney inspections are essential. Obstructions invite several dangers inside the property, and the chimney history may also come back haunting you.

Therefore, a thorough and careful leak detection inspection holds much importance in identifying where the damage originates. Visual inspections cover the chimney structure, liners, crowns, and flashing. If possible and necessary, the technicians also inspect the attic to picture the situation better.

It helps alert you, as a homeowner, of any defects or blockages. The inspection also reveals the chimney’s situation, including its stability, overall structure, cracks, and leakages. Finding the source of a chimney leak can sometimes be tricky. Issues may also not sprout in the initial stages of damage. Thus, getting your chimney, fireplaces, as well as vents inspected by Elegant Fireside and Patio professionals in Plano, Texas, is always a good idea.



Well, you shouldn’t be fixing chimney leaks by yourself. It is always safe and best to have a professional inspect and repair the damage. But if you feel you have the experience and understanding to do the job adequately, start by looking for the leak source.

First, check the components we have listed above. If those do not seem to be damaged, there can be other underlying obstacles. Contact an expert if you are unable to fix the issue. However, with the reasons mentioned above, here is what you can do:

Repair or replace the flashing, rusty chase cover, or rotting wood. Make sure the chimney caps are correctly sized and installed. Remove the damaged mortar and bricks and repack the gap with the newer mortar. If the problem source stems from the chimney flue, it may also demand a replacement. Besides, preventative maintenance and annual chimney sweepings help identify new damages so you can have those repaired well in time.



The Elegant Fireside and Patio team makes sure the technician who visits your home has the specialized skills and expertise to do the job efficiently. We offer affordable, time-saving, and reliable chimney leak services in Plano, TX. Our chimney professionals are friendly and knowledgeable and inform you about the possibilities, processes, as well as suitable products.

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