Do chimney sweeps go on roof?

Sep 23, 2020Chimney

Our clients frequently ask us questions on chimney sweeping, especially its process, and if the technician would require to get to the roof for cleaning the chimney. A short answer to this is YES!

It may be a personal preference of every technician or company, but chimney sweeps at Elegant Fireside and Patio inspect and clean the chimney from the flue to the bottom. This cleans the chimney more efficiently while increasing its life and, in the majority cases, require the sweep to go on the roof.  


If your chimney burns on gas or smokeless fuels, it is recommended to get it swept once or twice every year. Chimneys burning on wood or coal need more frequent cleaning. But why clean the chimneys?

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Chimney sweeping has a purpose, the purpose of keeping it clean and safe.

Sweeping ensures that there’s no soot or creosote buildup in the chimney or the flue. This diminishes the risk of dangerous chimney fires or blockages due to cobwebs, nests, and fallen debris. Regular cleaning helps increase the chimney’s efficiency and safely emit carbon monoxide gasses or combustion from the fireplace into the outside atmosphere.

Chimney fires may usually go on for a long time, slowly eating away the chimney’s structural strength. But these can also explode dramatically, destroying the chimney or other elements of the house. Additionally, DIY sweeping may seem a viable option, but it’s best to seek professional help to take care of the chimney. Professionals can assist you with a lot of complications that may arise while sweeping.

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The simplest answer is: It depends!

A sweep may not always go up to your roof. But it is still wise to do so to avoid any associated hazards and gather as much information as possible about the chimney. Because it’s always better to change the oil than to drive the car until it dies!

Your chimney may be clogged with all sorts of soot, moisture, and other life-threatening substances or gasses. There could be a hairline fracture opening a world of troubles for you. Damage in the flue or cracks in the masonry is another level issue. In fact, you can also have bird or rodent infestation, which may be checked from the roof, leaving no room for errors in inspection and cleaning. If there are manageable issues, these may be fixed on the site, but only a trained eye can catch everything that needs to be done.

Getting to the roof may not always be the case. But it enables the sweep to perform close analysis and look for any problems with the entire structure of the chimney, saving you from future repairs or expenses.

The technician who visits you to clean your chimney will first make a thorough inspection of the stove as well as the flue. This will determine if any components need repair work and the amount of buildup that may affect the chimney.

Prior inspections always help ascertain what amounts of efforts are required for the process. Once the assessment competes, sweeping will begin. The technician would make sure your space is well protected ahead of time with protective sheeting, so no debris, grime, or dirt falls on the floor of your house.

Usually, it’s a top to the bottom procedure for cleaning. The person in charge would clean the chamber, damper, and flue from the roof. Therefore, it is also suggested to keep your prep work strong, so whenever the technical needs to get to the top, it’s accessible and safe for them to do so. Anything that can be an obstruction must be cleared off well in advance.  

We deploy state-of-the-art equipment to scrape and vacuum the chimney. The process isn’t time-consuming and would take anywhere between an hour or two, maximum three, in case of any on-the-spot repairs. Cleaning just doesn’t require usual brushing or scrubbing – it’s a specialized job. Therefore, hiring an expert saves you the time, energy, and unnecessary expenses that may go into a DIY process.

Also, if you’re diligent about chimney inspections and cleaning, chimney problems are avoidable. Plus you’re aware of the condition the chimney and the surrounding structure are in.


While nothing can equate to an annual professional inspection, there are things you, too, can watch out for on gauging the health of your chimney.

Usually, one of the significant damages that may arise is on the mortar joints leading to the penetration of moisture. This may bring additional depreciation and hamper the surrounding structure. If you don’t patch up the issue, it may lead to brickwork spalling, further undermining the chimney’s structural integrity.

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What else to look for? Rust around the fireplace is another major sign of moisture entering the space through faulty masonry.

Next, look inside the chimney for any shattered bits – this indicates flue damage. The creosote may become puffy and lead to fire damage. Deformed rain cap, TV antennas, or roofing material may also show if a fire has been located near the chimney’s top end.

If you find any such issues, immediately contact a professional chimney sweep to inspect further and fix the concerns.


As professionals, we guarantee a no mess, no fuss cleaning process since we take the necessary precautions to keep the surroundings clean. We have fully trained and certified professional chimney sweeps at Elegant Fireside and Patio – you can trust our expertise for reliable, safe, thorough, and efficient servicing. We may also look for any underlying problems and provide you with a suitable solution.

So put that chimney in right hands – schedule an inspection or cleaning service with us right away. We’ve been providing superior quality fireplace, chimney, and other outdoor products and services to people in Texas for over 30 glorious years. You can call us at (972) 846-4878, or leave your queries through this contact form. We’d be happy to assist you!

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