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Oct 27, 2021Chimney

A fireplace is a staple to all homes that are subject to the four seasons. We certainly know that winter and fall would lose their charm if your home does not have a fireplace to gather around, warm up, and set the atmosphere right. It is a great feature that provides you comfort when the nights become longer and the days become darker.

Nevertheless, fireplace maintenance is just as important as maintaining everything else in your house. As long as you know what you need to check, clean, and inspect all the various parts of your fireplace, you can successfully prolong the overall lifespan of your fireplace while also ensuring the safety of your home and loved ones.

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No more daily upkeep with fireplace maintenance

Fireplaces are often known to have a lot of maintenance requirements. Still, some people don’t want to part ways with their wood-burning fireplace because of its nostalgic smell, authenticity, and the beautiful sound of wood crackling. While there will always be a handful of devout wooden fireplace lovers, most people are attracted to the low maintenance of gas fireplaces.

Since it is not wood, there are no ashes left behind for you to clean, no soot, or any half-burnt chunks of wood to deal with. For an average homeowner, this means fewer everyday keep-up tasks. People are attracted to gas fireplaces because of this hassle, and without scooping up the ashes, bending over, and getting your hands all dirty, a gas fireplace looks too good to be true.


Always get your annual inspection

Gas fireplaces require significantly less upkeep than its counterpart. However, there still is some fireplace maintenance. A gas fireplace should always be checked even if it does not have the same hassle as a wood-burning fireplace because anything flammable requires a yearly inspection. Hire a professional fireplace inspector who is educated enough to perform an annual safety check for you. A professional from Elegant Fireside and Patio will clean your fireplace, too, if that’s what you want. They will tackle any decorative pieces, remove debris, pet hair, dust, and any other form of grime from your fireplace while ensuring everything is in check.

You need to call for an inspector because they will check for any gas leaks and ensure that your fireplace is ventilating properly throughout the chimney. Professionals will make sure that there are no obstructions in the chimney and no potential carbon monoxide leaks since it can be deadly to anybody living inside the house. The entire inspection ideally ends in under an hour, and with the process being so quick, there is no excuse for you not to schedule it on an annual basis. When you have the family’s safety on line, getting a professional inspection done is and always should be a no-brainer.


Stay updated with fireplace maintenance

To help your fireplace look its best, you need to keep an eye out for

  • Damp patches on any surrounding walls (exterior or interior)
  • Crumbling bricks
  • White stains on the outside brick of your chimney
  • Peeling and separated wallpaper
  • Cracked paint
  • Smell of gas
  • Stains near the chimney or on the ceiling above
  • Eroding mortar joints

All of these signs suggest that there is something malfunctioning in the working parts of your chimney, and you should not turn it on for the time being. If you see any of these issues, then it’s time for you to call in a professional right away. Multiple things need to work together for an ideal functionality of your chimney, and where there is fire and the potential of carbon monoxide. These are the reasons why a safety check executed by a professional is not a bad idea.


Hire professionals from Elegant Fireside and Patio right away!

Fireplace maintenance can be pretty straightforward if you choose the right professionals to work with. Our Elegant Fireside and Patio team has years of experience in the field and will be more than happy to serve you anywhere in Plano, TX. Give us a call at (972) 846-4878 or contact us online today to book your visit. Our team will reach your location and inspect to check if your fireplace is safe and efficient to use. You can visit our social media for more details about fireplace maintenance.

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