How long does it take to clean a chimney?

Aug 12, 2020Chimney

If you are wondering how much time it takes to clean a chimney, you should seek professional advice. Your chimney needs to be cleaned either once or twice a year while using the fire on a daily basis or burning solid fuels like wood and coal. Sweeping removes soot, blockage, deposition of creosote from the firebox, smoke chamber, the chimney liner, and damper. It will also help in the safer working of your system.

Although the amount of time required to clean a chimney depends on several factors, an average chimney sweep takes around 45 minutes to one hour. If you have any DIY plans, you may take longer to complete the job. A professional will certainly take less time as they know the right methods. And it is also good for both from a safety point of view. Apart from cleaning, they would also alert you to any damage your chimney has. Make sure you hire a professional chimney company in Plano, Texas to do the cleaning job. You will be assured your needs are in safe hands.

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Clean a chimney involves the removal of creosote buildup from the flue to prevent fires. Over time, creosote buildup and other by products is produced by the crackling sound of the fire. Creosote buildup is a great threat to house fires. Now, let us discuss the factors that can increase the time to clean a chimney. The common factors include the large size of the chimney, a large amount of dirt, any kind of blockages like the bird’s nest, or a damaged flue. The additional factors are mentioned below:


Sweep after a long interval of time

If you have not had your chimney cleaned for many years, and are using it regularly, then certainly you will find a lot of creosote buildup. Removing a thick layer of creosote will take more time. Your professional chimney service cleaning company will recommend you to sweep and inspect the chimney regularly. The best thing is you can go for annual cleaning and inspection. Creosote buildup is flammable. It is a fire hazard if you ignore creosote buildup inside your chimney flue.


Number of fireplaces you have

It is obvious the cleaning time will increase if you have more than one fireplaces. A professional has to first do the preparation work on the site. Before they start working, they wear shoe covers and lay down coverings on floor and furniture as a preventative measure. They do this to keep your home interiors clean. If your home has another chimney in a different room, the professional has to prepare each site before beginning the cleaning work.


Blockages in the flue

While working on your chimney, if the expert finds any kind of blockage, they will first address it and then do the cleaning and inspection. Animal nest or a dead animal can cause blockage in the flue. There can also be a blockage if debris fall in the flue, and you don’t have a chimney cap installed in your chimney.

As mentioned above, an average chimney cleaning takes around 45 minutes to an hour. If it takes longer than you expected, you should ask your service provider to tell you the reasons behind it. A reliable chimney company in Plano, TX, like Elegant Fireside and Patio can let you know exactly how much time it will take to clean a chimney. We are honest and transparent. It is equally important to let the professionals take their own time to complete the work. Don’t pressurize them to hurry and end up completing a less satisfactory job. This could be dangerous in the long run. You might have heard many stories of damaging house fires because of a badly maintained chimney.

Another question that may crop up in your mind is, what is the best time of the year for chimney sweeping?  Yes, spring or summer is the best time to clean a chimney. It means you will be all ready when it is time to use it. You will not be wasting time in organizing a sweep.


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