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May 19, 2021Chimney

A chimney that does not feature a chimneys cap is similar to a home without a roofing system. A chimney is an exit route for the combustion gases, which can be harmful to you and your loved ones.

Nevertheless, without a chimney cap, your chimney is an open invitation for numerous unwanted elements to get inside your home without any effort. If you don’t have a chimney cap covering your pipe, professionals from Elegant Fireside & Patio recommend you get in touch with a qualified professional without delay.

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The chances are that your chimney needs to be inspected for any signs of damage caused by lack of protection. Our Dallas chimney service professionals from Elegant Fireside & Patio can immediately install a chimney cap for you if required. Giving below are a few reasons why you need to maintain your chimney cap:

It helps keep out the enemy

Any moisture present in your chimney is the worst enemy that you need to deal with, and keeping it out requires you to get a chimney cap installed and make sure that your structure itself is in good working conditions. Snow and rain can flow directly inside your chimney effortlessly if you have a damaged chimney cap.

Your home can end up suffering from water damage in addition to your chimney components experiencing an accelerated deterioration of materials, including rusting.

The mixture of acidic creosote and water inside the flue also has the destructive effect of causing damage to the chimney liner. If you notice that your chimney liner has even the slightest degree of damage, then get in touch with Elegant Fireside & Patio immediately since replacement or repair is a must.

It is critical for your chimney liner not to have any breach since its primary function is to keep all the hazardous elements adequately contained within the chimney. Even minor damage in your chimney’s liner can expose you and your family to potentially deadly combustion gases and can also result in a home fire.

It prevents any wildlife

Numerous animals who are looking to seek warmth and shelter may end up inside chimneys. Snakes, birds, squirrels, and even raccoons can get inside your home if you do not have a chimneys cap with a mesh covering your chimney flue.

If your home is in the path of the migratory chimney swifts, then your chimney can become the federally protected nesting place of the birds until they, along with their new offspring, move to their next migratory stop.

The inconvenience of having animals living inside your chimney should not be underestimated. Animal waste, which can also be toxic, gets deposited inside your home’s chimney, blocking the airflow required to allow the smoke to leave your house.

Some animals are unable to get out of the chimney once they’ve climbed inside. It’s not surprising for an animal to get trapped inside a chimney and die, creating a horrendously pervasive odor throughout your home as it decomposes.


Benefits of servicing your chimneys cap

In addition to preventing water from entering your home, a functioning chimneys cap will also keep out any debris that can obstruct the chimney. Leaves, twigs, and other waste can get inside your chimney if you do not keep it well maintained.

This debris can end up causing toxic combustion fumes to enter your home and catch fire. Chimney fires can be hazardous, and the best way you, as a homeowner, can prevent them is by regular chimney inspection.

If you have a damaged chimneys cap, then you may also be experiencing downdrafts. Downdrafts are blasts of cool air which enter your home via the chimney and cause your energy bills to rise. Getting your chimneys cap repaired can help you prevent downdrafts.

Another benefit of having a chimneys cap with mesh is that its mesh can guard against sparks. When hot embers for the fires fly up to from the top of your chimney, instead of starting a roof fire or igniting any combustible debris, a chimneys cap can prevent them from exiting.


There are two basic types of chimneys cap

If you get a flue top chimney cap installed, it will give you all the benefits mentioned above. Nevertheless, a better option for you would be getting a full-width chimney cap installed. It is going to offer you better aesthetics along with fully protecting your chimney crown.

A chimney crown is a critical component for your chimney, which is prone to cracking and deterioration, resulting in destructive moisture damage to the chimney.


Get your chimneys cap inspected today!

With time, your chimneys cap can get dislodged, or it can corrode or rust. You must get your chimneys cap inspected regularly, along with all the various parts of your chimney system and fireplace. Our professionals from Elegant Fireside & Patio can help!

Our team can make sure that your chimney cap is in its ideal condition and place. If we feel like it’s not working as it should, we can install a new chimney cap or fix the existing one to keep your fireplace, chimney, and home safe and free from debris, water, and wind damage.

Suppose you have experienced a chimney fire or widespread damage throughout your chimney system before. In that case, you already know how expensive and complicated it can be to get it repaired and resolved. Fortunately for you, all these problems can be prevented with timely maintenance and repairs.


Contact professionals from Elegant Fireside & Patio

By getting a certified expert from Elegant Fireside & Patio to get your chimney cap repaired, you are not just extending your chimney’s lifespan but are also preventing any future accidents which may cause you much more expensive damages.

Our experts have been serving homeowners living in Plano for the past three decades. Give us a call at (972) 846-4878 or contact us online, and we will get to your home in no time.

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