Do chimney caps keep water out?

Oct 12, 2020Chimney


As the term suggests, a chimney cap is a protective covering that goes over the top of the chimney and does what a cap would literally do. It protects the chimney from rain, dirt, snow, and other elements that may enter inside the opening and move downwards, making way into the house. Usually made of copper or steel mesh, it come in various styles to suit the distinctive manner of the roof or the outside of the entire house.

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Without installing a superior quality cap right at the top, your chimney is just a wide open hole on the roof. Melted snow and water can easily seep into the mortar and bricks of the chimney. This is nothing but trapped moisture that leads to spalling damage during the winters. It can also lead to mold or mildew growth – which is something you would not want to happen. Also, moisture may increase the humidity levels in your house, making it a less comfortable space to live.

Continuous freezing and thawing cycles also start creating cracks that gradually break the mortar and bricks apart. The integral structure of the chimney gets compromised, and if left untreated, water begins to travel down to the fireplace leading to not just external but internal damage as well.

So to avoid all these troubles, it is necessary to protect the chimney with a durable and heavy-duty cap.

In short, a chimney cap keeps the inside stuff in, outside things out, and guard the gate (or the opening).

Also, the size of the cap you use differs based on the kind of chimney you have – masonry or factory-built/ air-cooled. You may even find one-size-fits-all caps, but those are not always an excellent fit. For this, it is best to talk to an expert who knows what would work best for your particular needs. At Elegant Fireside & Patio, we can help you with just that. If you are in Texas, get in touch with our representatives for more information.



One of the major benefits of having a it, as you already know, is to prevent water from getting into the flue. But that is not all – it also keeps birds, squirrels, dirt, and debris away. When you burn a fire every night, it will not be a likely place for any animals to stop by. But in the warmer months, when the chimney is not operating, several critters may find it a comfortable place to nest. It might not sound too significant right now, but imagine having a baby bird fall from the chimney to your fireplace. Terrible, right? Also, the nesting material can catch fire whenever the chimney operates.

Merely installing a it can help keep all such annoyances away and save you a ton on cleaning and maintenance costs.

What is more helpful is if you have it with metallic mesh sides to make it impossible for any critter to enter the space. This way, the chimney will not also be used as a nesting spot by any bird or animal.

Without a it, debris build-up might also block the flue leading to hazardous gasses from drafting back into your property. The debris can even catch sparks and put the entire house on fire. Therefore, a cap is a straightforward solution to not having any trapped debris in your fireplace.

What else? A cap with a spark arrestor keeps hot sparks and embers (or any other byproducts of combustion) from jumping out of the top portion. It is a risk you would not want to take; otherwise, the sparking may risk the roof or the yard causing a massive fire. Even a single flash can cause havoc, but it helps preserve the functioning of your chimney while also ensuring your safety.



A chimney cap serves to protect the different components of the chimney, venting system, and the house. Before you may invest in just any cap and its installation, make sure you know the size and style of the cap.

Double-check the measurements, look for the preferred mesh, and assure that the damper and draft control system is appropriate. You may also take a look at the selection we offer – click here.

Moreover, if you would like to get professional support in choosing the correct cap, we can help. Call Elegant Fireside & Patio at (972) 846-4878 and speak to our representatives. Email our customer service to discuss your requirements in detail. Or you can simply fill this contact form, and we shall get back to you. With over 30 years of industry experience, we are well equipped to cater to your needs concerning all things chimney and fireplace. You can rely on our expertise and rest assured; all you would get is peace of mind, professional services, and unmatched assistance. You can visit our social media for more details.

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