How can I tell if my chimney needs cleaning?

Jul 20, 2020Chimney

Many homeowners probably don’t give attention to it, but the significance of a chimney working in good condition cannot be ignored.  Yes, you indeed need to regularly clean your chimney to keep it in good shape.  What is the right time to clean it? When can I tell that I need chimney cleaning service?  These questions will strike your mind if you have fireplace at home. There are many signs to tell your chimney needs a professional chimney cleaning service. You need to keep an eye on these signs to ensure it functions properly.


Bad odors

You will experience strong odors coming from the chimney if there is an issue with the shaft.  When fire burns in a well-maintained chimney, it gives out a pleasant odor. This odor comes from the burning of wood rather than from the soot. Strong odors can also be because of drafting problems. Soot formation or debris formation can prevent proper ventilation. If you notice a strange or unpleasant odor coming out, you should get in touch with a professional chimney cleaning company in Plano, Texas to do the job. Chimney cleaning will help you in getting rid of the source of unpleasant odor and also prevent its formation over time.

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Creosote formation

Many times you might have noticed that your home does not fresh smell even if you have cleaned it properly. It could be due to your chimney not working properly due to the formation of creosote.  Many homeowners are not aware of the formation of creosote. It is a substance that causes the chimney to cause a fire. Creosote is the wood and fuel that does not turn into ash when burned.

It is moved up the flue where it condenses and sticks to the walls. Gradually, the unburnt fuel becomes so thick that it becomes a health hazard.  Remember, you cannot prevent the formation of creosote even by burning hardwoods like oak or maple. They still create creosote. It is important to clean them away regularly. It is recommended to hire an expert chimney professional to clean up the creosote build-up.


Fire burn poorly or you face difficulty keeping the fire burning

You know that a fire needs air to burn. A blocked or a dirty chimney takes longer to burn due to an insufficient supply of air. If you find it challenging to start the fire or keeping it maintained, you should get in touch with a professional who provides fireplace maintenance and chimney cleaning in Plano Texas. This will aid in preventing any hindrance affecting the smooth working of the chimney. This will improve the competence and protection of your fireplace.


Soot buildup and excessive smoke

Have you ever noticed black material in the firebox or the hearth? This could be due to soot formation. Although it is easy to clean it, you should clean it before it becomes a problem for you. Further, it can result in serious creosote formation. Another serious sign for chimney cleaning is excessive smoke formation.

The excessive smoke formation can be due to some kind of blockage. Your chimney opening can be blocked due to excessive formation of soot, grime and creosote. If there is excessive formation of soot and smoke, your chimney will not function properly and your family’s health and safety are in danger.


Animal and bird noises in the chimney

Your chimney should work quietly but the presence of animals and birds can make it noisy. It can become a resting place or pests, mainly during spring and summer season, when you are not using your fireplace frequently. You should regularly look for pest infestation. Regular cleaning is the best way to remove the debris and leaves to prevent pest infestation.

If you identify any of the above signs, you should take immediate action. You should contact a professional to clean it as soon as possible. Blocked and clogged fireplaces work poorly and pose a great health and safety hazard to people living in the household if they are left untouched.

So, you should be proactive in your approach. You should shortlist one of the best chimney cleaners in your area to get professional chimney cleaning services. A professional service provider will do the job perfectly. They will also let you know if your chimney has any other issues that are affecting its performance.


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