Do Plumbers Repair Gas Fireplace?

Oct 28, 2020Chimney

Gas fireplaces serve as decorative as-well-as for room heating purposes, making them one of the most sought-after home features people adore. Demand for gas fireplaces have been on a constant rise in the market. Almost 70% of all fireplace products sold today use either propane or natural gas a fuel.

Even if you choose not to chop off logs to light a flame, it does not mean that your fireplace will not look like you have always thought of. Nowadays, ceramic logs have been custom made to look like the real thing. A lot of them are hand-painted and hand-made to make them look more like the real thing. This helps you to have function without having to sacrifice the aesthetic beauty, a fireplace has to offer.

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The technology and installation flexibility that these gas-fueled models offer have made these upgrades affordable and easy. Moreover, these high-end gas fireplaces offer comfortable control systems which makes life much easier.

Modern fireplaces that run on gas are convenient, easy to use, and also provide additional safety. Not only this, they are both efficient, and are comparatively low-maintenance as well. It can be easy to ignore the simple fact that they too need regular servicing and maintenance, which, if ignored, could have major consequences.


Why does your gas fireplace need servicing?

Clear any Debris that buildup

Your fireplace, after heavy use, may build up debris like ceramic or faux log inserts, which usually cling to the side of the inserts. These can later clog vents, which is a serious safety risk.

Check for Leaks

Furthermore, a fireplace’s firebox, gas lines, and gas logs must be routinely examined for any sort of damage or wear and tear. Many times, valves and connections may develop leaks over-time which should be looked after as soon as possible

Best Possible Efficiency

Although gas fireplaces usually require low maintenance, you must at least get an annual service done to keep it looking great and have a flawlessly functioning fireplace whenever you need it. This also helps to extend the lifespan of your fireplace.

Appropriate Ventilation

The chimney also needs to be tested annually to make sure that the ventilation works properly. Moisture can often cause the chimney to deteriorate, and if the air moves through the cracks in the chimney, it could result in exposing your family to harmful fumes of carbon monoxide.

Make sure that the Ceramic of Faux Logs are Placed Properly

Logs in the gas fireplaces must not be rearranged. If misplaced, they must be put back in proper alignment by a licensed and insured gas technician or a plumber.

The simplest way to minimize any such risk is to have regular maintenance of your gas fireplace by a professional gas technician or a qualified plumber. Getting an annual inspection by a licensed gas technician will ensure that your fireplace is running at its peak productivity.


What Happens During Servicing?

1. Servicing should only be carried out by a licensed service technician or a plumber who has experience in the field so he can quickly diagnose any leaks or other malfunctions.

2.While servicing, the professional will clean the fan and the air passage of any dust and should run a series of tests to make sure that the unit is operating at its best.

3.He should then check the gas pressure of the fireplace and clean the glass and reassemble to make sure that there is no gas leakage in the room.

4.The technician should also make sure that you have properly working carbon monoxide detectors.


Can a plumber repair my gas fireplaces?

Yes, plumbers can help you with anything related to propane or gas. They may specialize in drains or anything related to water, but they often are both qualified and experienced enough to install and repair gas fireplaces professionally.

A plumber can also help you detect issues with your gas supply, move existing gas lines, and provide you with all necessary installation and repair work that you need in order to get your home safely fitted with natural gas. If you feel like your fireplace needs servicing, you should immediately contact a professional to have a look at it.

Blocked and clogged fireplaces could also call for a servicing since they tend to work poorly and also pose a safety and health hazard to anyone living in the house. Same goes for gas leaks as they too pose a great threat to you and your family. Anytime you smell gas around the fireplace, you need to get out of the house immediately and call for an expert.

A professional service provider will make sure that the installed fireplace works properly and fix anything that needs attention. They will also let you know if your gas pipeline or your chimney has any other issues which might be affecting its performance, and tell you a solution that works best for you.


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