Do you have to service a gas fireplace?

Nov 3, 2020Chimney

Every house owner knows that wood fireplaces require regular cleaning to get rid of carbon-producing and ash. But there is a bubble of doubt when it comes to whether the increasingly popular gas fireplaces have the same needs.

Unlike wood fireplaces, they are not actually burning wood, they burn propane or natural gas, so do they produce the same creosote that will become a fire hazard if ignored?

The answer is no. Gas fireplaces do not produce creosote, but they still require annual cleaning. Both natural gas and propane are clean-burning gas fuels, so they don’t end up having the same byproducts as wood.

Although they can still produce build-up that needs to be cleaned every once in a while, what gas fireplace owners don’t understand is that a regular chimney sweeping is not just to clean creosote. In fact, it helps to detect any potentially problematic build-up that might need attention.

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Regular maintenance of your chimney will help remove unwanted items like animals, bird nests, or any debris that may get trapped in there as well as any potential soot. Moreover, regular chimney sweeping can also be considered as an inspection.

There could be many potential problems or malfunctions that might need your attention. In that case, regular chimney sweeping can help you detect these problems and take action to prevent any further damage or an accident.

If your gas fireplace has a leak or there is a problem with your ventilation while cleaning, you can catch these potential problems early and get them fixed as soon as possible. This will not only increase your fireplace’s life but also help you repair them at a cheaper cost.

Unlike their wooden counterparts, gas chimneys often don’t need much maintenance, making them comparatively more comfortable to take care of. To keep your fireplace operating in its best possible shape, we recommend it’s best to perform annual maintenance.

Summers are usually the best time of the year to get your fireplace checked, so when the temperatures start dropping again, you know that your gas fireplace is good to go.



Debris usually sticks around in the fuel, the vents, and inside the chimney. Since it will restrict airflow and might have a pungent smell, this needs to be removed. Debris in a gas fireplace include:

Dirty glass frame or door

Scratched or chipped glass can quickly become a hazard over time. It can easily interfere with the heat output of your fireplace. You will have to get it cleaned or replaced if you want your fireplace to function at its peak.


Both the inside and the outside of a gas fireplace needs to be occasionally cleaned. After all the service and warmth it provides you all winters, it’s only natural to get a little dirty on the inside. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions while cleaning your gas fireplace, and it is also essential for you to use all approved products for cleaning. If you don’t feel confident, you should call an expert to clean it for you.

Deteriorating artificial logs

Unlike traditional fireplaces, a gas fireplace usually features artificial logs to keep the aesthetics on point. Even though they don’t burn or leave any ash, faux or ceramic logs inside the fireplace can eventually deteriorate when used, clinging to the sides of the insert and getting stuck. These too, need to be looked after while cleaning and servicing since this could very well affect your fireplace’s efficacy.


What happens during a cleaning service?

In service, our technician will first check the exterior of your fireplace. This process includes making sure that the protective glass is not cracked, chipped, or dirty. They will also make sure that the framework itself is also holding up nice and safe. The technician will also take a look at the interior gas ignition unit under the logs to make sure that it works flawlessly. They also ensure that the ceramic logs themselves are also not deteriorating while checking for debris or dents.

Ideally, the face of the unit will also be taken off in order to inspect the connections underneath the fireplace and valves. They will make sure that your fireplace’s heat output is working nicely and clean any residue that might block any vents or ports.

After the check, our technician will make sure that your carbon monoxide detectors are working correctly and that you are aware of any updates or repairs that your fireplace may need.


Want to get your gas fireplace checked?

Taking adequate care of your fireplace is a good sign of being a responsible owner. This shows that you care for both your house and your people’s safety. At Elegant Fireside and Patio, we provide you with a wide range of high-end services that will help you keep your fireplace in its prime condition.

All our experts are certified gas technicians who possess a wealth of information and will be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you might have about your fireplace. Located in Plano, TX, we promise to take care of all your fireplace needs.

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