What does chimney sweep do?

Aug 27, 2020Chimney

Sometimes we get questions from our clients regarding chimney sweeping. They want to know what a chimney sweep does.  In this blog, we will explain a chimney sweep’s role and how their services could help you maintain an efficient and safer fireplace.

The main role of a chimney sweep is to help prevent chimney fires, and reduce the emission of fumes from blocked chimneys. They clean chimneys, smoke ducts, flue and more.  In addition, they also have the skills and expertise to provide suggestions about the correct burning techniques, and how to take good care of your chimney.

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You need regular cleaning and maintenance of your chimney to check you are using it correctly and prevent soot fires.  You should have it cleaned at least once a year. Many even advise cleaning it before the end of the heating season to make sure it is clear of the animal nest and is prepared for use. A professional chimney sweeping is a must if you want to prevent fire hazards and don’t want to put yourself and your family at risk.

An expert has the necessary training and experience to inspect the chimney. They have the expertise to notice problems that might lead to fires. Hiring an expert will also give you peace of mind knowing that any issue is not overlooked and that your chimney is safe and well-maintained.


What is the role of a chimney sweep?

Once you select a chimney cleaning company in Plano, Texas, you can expect a call from them about when they will come to do the job. And in most of the situations, they show up on a time when it is convenient for you.  They will first survey and prepare the area for proper sweeping. They will lay a cloth or a plastic down where they will do the cleaning to protect your home and furnishing. They will use tools and protective gear while working.  They use heavy metal bristled brushes for sweeping chimney.

These tools are long rods with bristles at the tip.  And they use safety gear like gloves, goggles, and masks to protect themselves from soot and ash. Many professionals start their work from cleaning the flue and work their way up. And many start the second way. They start from the roof and work their way down. No matter how you are doing it, the ultimate goal is scraping the coating that has accumulated or built up on the chimney. The debris and the coatings will fall into the fireplace, which will be cleaned or swept away.  Creosote can also form from having fires in the fireplace.

Creosote is toxic and can clog the chimney, making cleaning all the more important. You will also notice that chimneys are a nesting place for animals too.  They think it is a good place as it is dark, cool and protected from any disturbing element. A chimney is a deadly place for the animals when the fire is lit. The professionals know very well how to remove animals and nests safely from the chimneys. The best thing about chimney sweeps is they know how to do the job systematically.

They know how to clean the mess and even have the tools to clean the area once the work is completed. You should take their advice seriously as they are experts in this field and have inspected your chimney thoroughly. They will guide you on whether you need to follow any specific steps to prevent future hazards.


What should you do before an appointment with a chimney sweep?

Your chimney sweep may give you a time for the appointment. In case they have not called to confirm the appointment, you should call them to confirm the appointment. You should make sure you are at home at their arrival so that you can keep track of things they are going to do. You should not lit a fire in your fireplace for at least 24 hours before their appointment. It should be cool before the chimney sweep comes to clean your chimney.


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