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Chimney Sweep Plano, TX

Chimneys help us keep our house warm. There is nothing better and cozier than sitting right next to the fire. Nevertheless, it is incredibly critical for you to make sure that your home’s fireplace is as safe as it can be.

According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), you need to get your chimney inspected and sweep at least once every year. This can vary depending on how much you use your chimney. If you use it too often, you may have to get a chimney sweep done more than once a year.

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A professional chimney sweep is a reliable way to prevent a fire

Your chimney is a critical ventilation system that allows toxins, smoke, and dangerous fumes to leave your house.

Having a clean chimney means that all these dangerous fumes can leave your home freely. With usage and time, creosote starts to appear inside a dirty chimney.

This is a black, sticky residue that gets stuck inside your chimney when wood burns or when your chimney does not have proper ventilation. The main problem with creosote is that it is highly flammable, making it one of the leading causes of fire.

Elegant Fireside And Patio is a chimney service company that has more than 30 years of experience. Our team specializes in fireplace cleaning and maintenance, wood-burning stoves, dryer vents, gas logs repair and installation, furnace flues, and more.

Chimney sweeping has been a long tradition. Modern technological advancements have made it a lot safer and more comfortable than ever before.

For all homeowners who have been using their fireplace consistently throughout the winter season, now is the perfect time for you to start thinking about booking a professional chimney sweeping.

Benefits of chimney sweeping

A beautiful, bright fire in your home’s fireplace creates a lot of smoke and ash, all of which is directed up your chimney. Even though most of the debris leaves safely, there are times when it may build up on your chimney walls and in the flue.

Having a clean chimney will not only help you get a much more efficient home heating, but it will also minimize the risk of future chimney repairs and, most importantly, will help you keep your family safe.

Given below are the main reasons why you need to hire a professional chimney sweeping service:

  • A clean chimney will give you efficient heating for your property. With the help of better ventilation, you will need less fuel to get a safe and warm chimney fire started.
  • Sweeping your chimneys regularly can help you prevent any future damage, which can be expensive to deal with. Soot tends to accumulate around your flue. This prevents the vent from directing the smoke upwards. You may also notice a layer of soot warming up on your furniture and around your chimney, staining it, making it impossible to get rid of.
  • The layer of grime and suit only inside of your home’s chimney is a huge fire hazard. It can catch fire and spread that flame to all other parts of your home effortlessly.
  • The overall buildup of tar/soot in your chimney can restrict the airflow in and out of your chimney. This pressure can make a huge difference in your home’s overall air quality since it causes smoke to stay around longer than it should.
  • Eventually, this type of air restriction will reduce the overall efficiency at which your fireplace operates. If your fire does not get the required oxygen, your flames will be duller and cooler. This means that you will need more fuel to get the same amount of heat from your fireplace.
  • Once your fireplace has enough soot to restrict your fire’s airflow, you will suddenly notice a lot more soot. All that extra fuel that does not get burned off will produce creosote, which is dark debris that is flammable and unhealthy to breathe in.
  • Another huge issue that may cause you depending on the time of the year, is animal infestation. Birds are known to place their nests inside fireplace chimneys. Dry leaves, twigs, and debris can end up sparking a devastating fire without much hassle. Birds, bats, and even raccoons may believe that a warm and slightly smoky chimney is a great place to rest or make their new home.

How often should you get your chimney sweep done?

How often you need to get your chimney sweep depends on various factors, including the size of your home’s chimney, how often have you and your family been using the fireplace, and whether you have entirely burned off your wood or not.

Professionally speaking, you should never go more than a year without getting a professional chimney sweeping done. Nevertheless, most homeowners believe that they need to clean their chimney more frequently to maintain its looks and functionality.

If you have any more questions about why you may need a professional chimney sweeping or whether or not your home’s fireplace needs to be cleaned, you can reach out to us at Elegant Fireside And Patio. Our team would love to help!

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