Wood Burning Inserts in Plano

The Importance of Wood Burning Inserts

A wood burning insert or gas insert is put into an existing fireplace to improve the energy efficiency. It is used for gas fireplaces and wood burning fireplaces. Our wood burning inserts in Plano are clean and burn wood to save energy. They emit little carbon monoxide. and smoke when burning. The inserts help eliminate those endless trips to the wood pile during the night and day. We have wood burning inserts in Plano designed to fit all size fireplaces.

You will enjoy the large area to view the fire while you relax and watch TV or read. Some inserts have arched door options for that decorative touch. The convection fan heats large and small areas. The small flush wood fryer insert is designed for small spaces. It is designed for small fireplaces that are 14 inches in depth. It has a flue connection that makes this small insert easy to install. The blower covers an area of about 1,000 square feet. The Green Start igniter lets you start a fire with the push of a button.

These inserts are designed for inefficient fireplaces that don't really heat your home properly. With name brands like Fireplace Extraordinaire, Hearthstone, Lopi, Pacific Energy, and Jotul you won't go wrong. They have inserts for small, medium, and large homes. Some even have cooking surfaces that you can cook or heat up food on. The Cape Cod Insert is one of the most beautifully designed cast iron inserts on the market. These wood burning inserts in Plano are clean and efficient.

The Cape Cod Insert has a unique convection chamber with five sides, and brick interior, This fireplace has one of the highest BTU outputs of all wood inserts. The fans circulate air up to 2,000 square feet. It is designed for medium and larger homes. Traditional inserts often go well in small fireplaces and traditional construction. Look for one that is easy to light and provides a good look at the fire when burning.

Some traditional wood burning inserts in Plano fit tighter spaces. Many are made of stainless steel, with glass or ceramic doors. There are contemporary wood burning inserts designed for small fireplaces so you don't have to settle for a poor design. Some fireplace waste energy so using an insert is a practical solution to your problem. For that extra elegant touch, consider cast iron inserts that add class to any home.

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