Vent Free Products in Plano

Benefits of Vent Free Products

Vent free products in Plano, sometimes called "unvented" fireplaces, have a 99.9% efficiency rating primarily because they provide a clean and complete combustion. All the heat energy produced by a vent free heater is used inside the room. The resultant heat is used indoors with zero heat-loss to the outside air. The system is inexpensive to run since it only costs pennies per hour to operate. Installing a vent free fireplace in your living room is a sure way of making significant savings during the cold winter months. The question of indoor air quality

Vent free products in Plano circulate the heat they produce inside the room without leaving an adverse effect on your homes indoor air quality. This is because the system provides perfect and complete combustion of fuel by mixing the gas going into the systems burner with oxygen from the room. Mixing gas and oxygen results in a clean and complete burn that doesnt affect the air quality of your indoors. The technology has been in use since the 1980s in gas logs, fireplaces, fire pits, and other types of interior heating devices.

Why go vent free?
One of the main reasons why millions of Americans prefer vent free gas fireplaces over conventional gas-heating devices is the convenience and ease of use these vent free fireplaces provide. A vent free fireplace does not require a chimney. It therefore runs at 100% efficiency without any unnecessary, and often expensive, heat loss. It is an efficient and inexpensive home heating option with low operating costs.

Almost all home owners prioritize safety as a major concern when installing home heating systems. This is why Elegant Fireside and Patio vent free products in Plano are designed with safety in mind. The appliances come equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor that automatically switches off the gas flow when the oxygen in the surrounding air is not sufficient enough to provide a complete burn.

You will find a wide range of Gas Logs and American Hearth Stove, Fireplace, and Firebox installations at Elegant Fireside and Patio. All these vent free products in Plano run at 99% efficiency to give you comfort during the cold months at the least possible costs. They come with in-built safety devices to ensure proper flow of gas and efficient operation. Vent free systems are easy to install since they do not require exterior vents such as chimneys. Our vent free home heating products come with hand-held remote controls that make the fireplace or gas log extremely easy to use.

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