Outdoor Kitchen Equipment in Plano

Gas Grills & Outdoor Kitchen Equipment

Spending time outdoors cannot be complete without backyard barbecues. But for you to enjoy the outdoors, you need the right outdoor kitchen equipment in Plano. The good thing is it is easy for us to set up an outdoor kitchen and whether you have a modest or sky-high budget, be assured that we have the right products for the perfect outdoor kitchen. You need the best equipment for an outdoor entertainment and kitchen space; you must have a proper grill and its accompanying accessories Here are some of the best outdoor kitchen equipment in Plano that we supply. American Outdoor Grills

These products add style and cooking excellence to your outdoor kitchen space. The grills are made by RH Peterson, meaning they are pocket-friendly and perfect for your backyard or patio. Depending on your cooking desires, we can supply the T-series or the L-series that come in three popular sizes, 24, 30, and 36. The L-series grill has an electric push button ignition system. The push buttons also control the interior halogen lights that are useful for night grilling events. This model requires 120 volts AC power. The T-series has the piezo push-to-light ignition system that removes the need for batteries or electricity; therefore, it has a clean front panel with a self-sufficient grill.

The two models have portable and built-in grills that come in different sizes alongside matching accessories. To have complete outdoor kitchen equipment in Plano, you must have the AOG drawers and doors, customers can pick either the select or premium styles. There are sixteen different door styles and shapes to pick from to have full storage equipment. The AOG grill cannot be complete without all the accessories such as turkey fryer kit and chicken equipment among others; this guarantees that you can quickly create new meals or prepare new parts.

Fire Magic Grills
Fire Magic Grills present one of the best outdoor kitchen equipment in Plano; they are premium grills made from high-quality materials and with the most advanced outdoor kitchen features. Alongside the grills, we also have premium accessories like side burners and refrigerators that turn your outdoor kitchen into an extraordinary grilling space.

We also have the MHP outdoor grills, RCS gas grills, and Saber Grills, all these products are accompanied by their relevant accessories. Our staff knows how to set up and match all these accessories to create a fully functional outdoor kitchen. Designing and installing an outdoor kitchen is completed within a few hours by our highly experienced staff.

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