Gas Logs in Plano

Pros and Cons of Gas Logs

The fire place in your house is a respected area that is handled with utmost care. Whether it is a modern or traditional fireplace, how well it is utilized is what matters. We all desire to make the best of our fire places so we can get the most out of them. In fact, among the most sort after fireplace accessories are the logs, which should be properly selected as one of the precautions to make the most of the fireplace. Gas logs in Plano have become very popular of late. The question is, which are the best gas logs in Plano and where can they be found? To answer this question, let's examine the pros and cons of gas logs.

The Pros Of Gas Logs
Gas logs are just but fake logs used in more that 70% of modern fireplaces. The old wood log fireplaces seem to have taken a back seat. The gas logs are either vented or vent less. All you need to do with gas logs is flip a switch and you will have fire, unlike the traditional wood logs, with which you have to spend time lighting the fire. These logs give you real flames, only that you are saved the hassles of solid fuel. You don't have to worry about stacking logs of wood, disposing off ashes or dumping pellets. Moreover, the air remains fresh, both inside your house and in the neighborhood.

The Cons
As desirable as gas logs are, they don't give you the real pop, snap and aroma of wood fire. Compared to wood, propane and gas cost more than wood. Definitely, it will cost you more to heat your house than with firewood. So, there are less savings to make with gas logs.

Safety Issues
Which are the safest for homeowners, between vented and vent less gas logs? This a common question among most homeowners who love fireplace efficiency. The vent less gas logs are, of course, the most efficient. The reason being is that there are no loss of heat, through the chimney. However, the story changes when we focus on safety. Vented gas logs are safer because they release all the fumes or combustion gases, together with the water through the chimney.

Expert Advise
All having been said, contact experts at Elegant Fireside for expert advice on which gas logs in Plano to buy. The factors to consider, of course, are efficiency and safety. As mentioned above, making well informed decisions after consulting experts is the way to go.

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