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Dec 16, 2021Chimney

A fireplace is one of the favorite amenities that homebuyers consider a plus when looking for a new property. It is a bonus feature that helps you create a comfortable space along with an extra touch of architectural vitality to a home, both inside and outside. There are a lot of great benefits that homeowners get to enjoy when they have a fireplace.

No other heating appliance can offer the kind of warmth that you get from a fireplace. Moreover, you get to watch the fire dancing as the cold melts away along with the soothing sound of burning wood. It can also be an excellent place for you and your loved ones to spend some quality time together.

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Since fireplace safety is equivalent to safety from fire hazards, all homeowners who have a fireplace should be familiar with a few common telltale signs of damage. However, you must ensure that your fireplace is working correctly as a homeowner. By looking at your chimney, you cannot always tell that it is safe and sound. Nevertheless, a few visible signs suggest your fireplace may need a repair sooner than later.

Signs that suggest you need to repair your chimney or fireplace

Rusted damper or firebox

Signs of moisture in a fireplace or chimney are a huge red flag that suggests your chimney is not operating the way it should. Rust is one of the most prominent signals that there is excessive moisture in your fireplace, and you may see some rust in the damper or on the firebox. You will know if it is time for you to take a closer look at your damper, if it gets challenging for you to operate it or if it’s not sealing properly.

Any moisture that causes rusting can end up creating several issues, including causing your flue tiles to crack. Remember that a deteriorated or cracked flue lining can be extremely dangerous since it could allow excessive heat to enter vulnerable areas and cause a fire.

Damaged mortar joints

Remember that damaged mortar joints can be a huge issue that needs to be repaired immediately. Failing mortar joints may result in accelerated damage to your chimney since it exposes the bricks to a more significant amount of moisture. When water gets inside small cracks in your masonry, it can turn small gaps into large ones, mainly due to thawing and freezing. If this issue is not addressed at the right time, your entire chimney is at risk of collapsing. Checking this may require you to get to a rooftop vantage point.

Spalling bricks

Spalling tends to occur when water finds its way into the natural stones, bricks, or concrete and forces the surface of your masonry to peel off, pop out, or flake off. There are times when even salt may push outward from the inside of your chimney and cause spalling. Spalling bricks are pretty easy to spot since bits and pieces of masonry tend to fall from the chimney. If you do not have this issue fixed, the structure will crumble and be destroyed. 

The pilot light is not functioning. 

The pilot light in a fireplace is a gas-fueled flame that always stays lit and helps in igniting the primary burners whenever required. However, there are times when the pilot light may go off, and your burners won’t ignite. One easy fix for such an issue is restarting the tiny flow of gas, which leads to the pilot light and relit it manually. If this does not work, it means that there could be some moisture within your gas line. If this is the case, then you need to hire a certified technician from Elegant Fireside and Patio right away.

A dirty fireplace can also be an issue

Not cleaning your fireplace can often also cause several problems such as decreased heat, lower flame height, and even a gas leak, leading to a house fire. When cleaning your fireplace, you need to ensure that the gas is turned off and your fireplace is cool. Next, you need to carefully vacuum any debris or dust from all surfaces, including the fireplace burners. You can also choose to inspect for any chips or cracks while at it. If you have any doubts regarding your fireplace, you can always reach out to a technician to help you inspect your flue, vents, and chimney and remove any debris there.

Lower heat output

If you notice that your fireplace is not burning well or the fire is not providing adequate heat, poor quality firewood could be an issue. A common mistake amongst most inexperienced wood burners is using freshly cut wood that still has a lot of moisture, which tends to prevent the wood from burning cleanly or giving out enough heat. We suggest you ensure you burn only seasoned wood dried for at least seven months before burning.

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We always suggest that homeowners stay clear from any fireplace-related issues since they may worsen situations if mishandled. If you live anywhere in or around Plano, Texas, we recommend you get in touch with our team of professional experts from Elegant Fireside and Patio right away.

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