Gas Fireplace Inserts in Plano

High Class Gas Fireplace Inserts

Elegant Fireside and Patio specializes in finding the best gas fireplaces in Plano, not only because of the unique style and layouts we offer for many types of residences and businesses, but our product is high class. When thinking about investing in gas fireplaces in Plano, you should consider a few things: Is this a decent choice for heat? Is this affordable for me? Is this the style I am looking for? A few options we have for gas fireplaces are bed and breakfast, space saver, high output, and see through. The gas fireplace brands we offer are Da Vinci, Pacific Energy, American Hearth, Mendota, Town & Country, Lopi, Ortal, and Fireplace Xtrordinair.

Our fireplace options offer many different heating styles depending on your choice of style. Some of our fireplaces have consistent well heated areas, while others are designed to add an elegant look. This way they make a great finishing touch and warm the heart, not the room. Our model, The 864 See-Thru GS2, offers two sides of fire viewing, making it ideal for heating two separate rooms at once. If you are interested in this style, it is perfect for a solid or partition wall, to make the fireplace look just right and heat your two rooms. Our Da Vinci custom fireplace on the other hand, is a non-heating custom gas fireplace. It has an all-glass viewing area that surrounds a straight line of dancing flames. DaVincis crystal clear glass for viewing, is truly mesmerizing, almost as if there were no glass at all. While flames pull you in with its beauty, it is easy to get lost in this elegant piece. This fireplace has an option of a stone finish or steel finish, to give each room a unique touch. Now to consider the heating space that some of our gas fireplaces in Plano offer, one to look into is the 564 HO GS2. This fireplace offers heating up to 1,400 square feet, high temperature Neo-Ceramic Glass that is included in the standard with the invisible safety screen. This specific fire place has the option of three different types of burners, the high performance Ember-Fyre, the Diamond Fyre burner, or the Dancing Fyre-Burner.

Something that makes what we offer a great deal as a competitor is the chance to customize and make each order your own. One thing that customers find extraordinary is the opportunity to chose from many options and layouts. We offer many styles for hotels, cabins, homes, offices, and many more businesses or residential layouts. To view more about the gas fireplaces in Plano, under our Gas Burning tab, you will see "Gas Fireplaces". This will lead to each company website to view options for layouts, styles, and more.

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