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Chimneys and fireplaces are pretty straightforward devices on the surface, but numerous components need to function safely and correctly for you to get the most out of your investment.

Having fireplace inspections, chimney cleaning, and repairs regularly performed by Elegant Fireside & Patio professionals can help you keep everything in its best possible condition. 

All our professionals have been trained and certified as experts in the field, which means we can make all types of repairs to give you excellent performance. 

Do not DIY your fireplace repair 

Our team from Elegant Fireside & Patio consists of professional chimney and fireplace technicians who have spent years learning all the tips and tricks of how these units work and how to help you boost their performance.

Since all our technicians are certified for the job, their scope of knowledge tends to be even more comprehensive. 

When an inexperienced individual performs certain types of repairs on your fireplace and chimney, there could be many problems that you, as the owner, may have to deal with in the future.

For instance, an individual can make minor mistakes that may turn into something significant with time without the proper training and tools. 

Someone who does not have enough experience will not understand the significance of numerous types of fireplaces and chimney damage and may overlook a few critical issues, which may become a serious safety hazard for everyone living inside the premises. 

If you do not have special training in such repairs and services, you may spend a lot of time trying to fix an issue without fixing it at all.  

As an average homeowner, you can even get injured when attempting to make such repairs or inspections.

It is doubtful you can do proper fireplace servicing without having the required experience and tools to get the job done. It would help if you also considered your homeowner’s insurance.

A few insurance companies pay for any damage caused by an amateur to your home’s fireplace or chimney. However, they will not cover any repair costs done by a non-certified worker.  

Why should you hire professionals from Elegant Fireside & Patio for inspection and repair? 


Experience plays a critical role in all types of services. By simply watching a “how-to” video on YouTube, you cannot acquire the skills and knowledge equal to a professional fireplace expert.  

All our professionals have spent years mastering the skill of making such repairs compared to the few hours you spend watching DIY tutorial videos. 

No amount of research on making fireplace repairs can compare to the knowledge of a professional from Elegant Fireside & Patio in Plano, TX.  

Keep in mind that professional technicians who hold a national certificate to make such repairs have already proven their verifiable training and skills in performing fireplace and chimney services. 

Material costs 

The total cost of materials will be the same whether you hire a professional or do the task yourself. The critical difference is that if you lack the required knowledge to make these repairs yourself, you may spend even more money to hire a professional contractor to fix the damages you have done. 


It is vital to have access to all the required equipment that is critical for a successful outcome. For example, when we talk about chimney cleaning, professionals from Elegant Fireside & Patio use numerous tools, including special scrapers, rotating brushes, solvents, scrubbers, and high-power vacuums to get the job done correctly.  

Such equipment often tends to be expensive and not a good investment if you are an average homeowner. Since professionals have access to high-end equipment, they are much more prepared to effortlessly deal with all types of issues. 

Safety should always be your top priority. 

When you hire a professional from Elegant Fireside & Patio, you can be sure that all repairs done to your property maintain safety throughout the fireplace and chimney system of your house.  

Our team will ensure that they do not cause any extra damage to your property while making these repairs. 

We come with insurance.  

If a professional fireplace expert does happen to cause any damage to your property while making repairs or cleaning, they will have the required insurance to cover any damage. This means that you are completely protected.  

Our technicians from Elegant Fireside & Patio will come with all types of insurance certifications to help you gain confidence in our work. 

As you can now see, hiring professional fireplace and chimney experts from Elegant Fireside & Patio to make repairs on your property is much more beneficial than attempting to make these repairs yourself.

We have access to professional materials, equipment, and supplies required to get your desired results. Our team can also overcome any unforeseen issues or challenges we may identify after a professional fireplace inspection. 

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With more than thirty years of experience in the field, our company can make all types of repairs to give you ideal results.

Whether you are looking for fireplace repair, replacement, inspections, or even installations, our team of professional experts is always ready to assist you.  

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