Firepits & Outdoor Fire in Plano

Improve you Landscape

Adding a fire pit as part of your propertys landscaping will improve the value of your home and extend you and your guests enjoyment of the backyard. Fire pits & outdoor fire features in Plano provide warmth and light to develop an ambiance that turns a regular spot in the yard into a socializing and gathering avenue where people can get entertained and relax. People are drawn to the fireplace atmosphere, and before you realize it, you and your family and friends will be storytelling and bursting in laughter. Fire pits & outdoor fire features in Plano act as the central point in your outdoor landscape design.

There are many choices to consider when it comes to picking the ideal fire pits & outdoor fire features in Plano like shape, size and style. It is possible to have built-in fire pit installed or purchase a portable one. It is important to have a professional take a look at your yard to decide the best option for you. This is where we come in, we have vast knowledge in designing and installation of fire pits & outdoor fire features in Plano. Our professional staff will help you decide on the best spot for you to enjoy the fire while appreciating the surrounding features.

It is important to consider the view from the indoor spaces; Fireplaces should be set up in areas that can be seen from the interior spaces, this ensures that the people benefit from the fire features indoors and out. A fireplace should be set at a place where warmth is welcome, for instance, by putting a fire feature near a spa; it guarantees that people will continue to enjoy the water in comfort. Our staff will help you plan for safety, we install fire pits & outdoor fire features in Plano in low traffic areas and away from prevailing winds.

We discuss with our clients to find out whether the fire pits & outdoor fire features should be built for the long term. If so, we install stainless steel gas rings that last longer than the galvanized metal rings. This saves our clients money and time that is consumed by future repairs and replacements. Our designs

All our American Fyre Designs are made from innovative glass fibers and reinforced concrete. We also have more elegant designs in HPC, the Tempest Torch, and products from the Outdoor Plus Company. We can even customize all of these designs to present a unique fireplace and fire features for our clients.

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