Fire Glass in Plano

Fire Dance of Elegance

Watching a fire dance at night is a magnificent spectacle, but it is grander when watched with a backdrop of glass that intensifies the light produced by fire. This is the exact effect of fire glass in Plano.

Fire glass is no ordinary glass. It is a heat tempered glass. As a result, it does not melt, crack, soot nor explode when used. There is no danger of a having a fire glass pop out of the fireplace and injure a person. Fire glass in Plano makes one's fireplace more personal since it comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. So one can just mix and match the glasses according to one's desire and preference. But make no mistake in thinking that the fire actually emanates from the fire glass. The fire itself emanates from a burner and the fire glass, which sits atop the burner, then disperses the heat from the fire.

This elegant heat dispersion medium is a good alternative to the good old lava rocks and realistic-looking cement log, since it distributes the heat more evenly. This is because fire glass is much smaller in size compared to lava rocks and gas logs, enabling the fire to have more space to seep through. In effect it produces a more evenly distributed fire as compared to the fire produced by the other alternatives that is more uneven. Since it is made of glass, it will also refract the light from the fire making the light emanating from the fire brighter and more exquisite. It will also increase the heat radiation 4 times making it more practical to use. The fire glass also only requires minimal maintenance since it does not produce any soot, dirt, or ashes. In case dirt is found on the fire glass, one just needs to scoop it, wipe it, or wash it.

The fire glass indeed enhances the ambiance of a place since the fire produced by it is more enchanting. Although fire glass has basically the same purpose and function as the other alternatives, it does have qualities in both the looks and functionality department. It is like a person with both brains and beauty. If one is looking for a place to have a modern look, then fire glass is the medium that will fit. But before opting for it, one needs to first check if it is compatible with their current fireplace. Fire glass in Plano is usually used in gas fireplaces and gas fire pits.

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