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Chimney Repair Plano, TX

Your home’s chimney provides you protection against various fire hazards, and the firebox does the same. By getting regular chimney inspections and proper maintenance done, you prevent any dangerous fire accidents and avoid repairs that are much more expensive than the cost you pay for preventive measures. 

Hiring a professional chimney expert gives you the benefit of experience, training, and the best equipment required for the job of inspecting your chimney. 

Professional chimney experts can also provide you with the best defense against all the dangers of operating a fireplace when your chimney needs repairs. If you want to make sure that your fireplace and chimney require professional inspection, the following can give you an idea of what you need to look for.

Inspecting the firebox

If you notice any cracks or loose mortar joints in the masonry of your firebox, then you need to hire a professional to make repairs.

This is ideally a quick and easy fix for chimney experts. Using a good quality refractory cement can help in sealing the bridge, and that might be everything required to fix this issue. If your damage is extensive, a firebox rebuilt may be necessary.

Checking the damper

Your chimney damper should close and open with ease. It would be best to use a flashlight to check for any excessive rust, cracks, or pitting. If you notice any evidence of such problems, it may be time for you to have a new damper installed professionally.

Another problem that a faulty damper can cause is higher monthly utility bills. If your damper does not fit properly when closed, it is like having an opening in your home throughout the year. 

If you wish to check the seal, you can place a dollar bill between the damper as you closed them. If you can tug your dollar bill easily out anywhere along with the doors, it means that the seal is inadequate and needs professional attention.

Birds Eye View

One of the main reasons why you need to contact professional chimney experts is to prevent the need to climb on top of your home’s roof by yourself. 

If it is safe for you to climb on your home’s roof and inspect your chimney, given below are a few things that you need to look for which prove that your chimney will require a professional repair:

  • Is your flashing in good condition? All the metal components of your chimney are much more susceptible to the elements than mortar and brick. If you notice even a tiny hole on flashing or if flashing cannot keep out water adequately, then your roofing can suffer serious water and structural damage.
  • Check the mortar and brick joints of your chimney. If you notice that your mortar is deteriorating, it could allow moisture to seep in and cause damage to the masonry. If your chimney has cracked or loose bricks, then you need to get it repaired at once. If your chimney is leaking, then a rebuild is necessary.
  • Inspect the chimney crown (the cement at the top of your chimney). If you see any cracks, it would be best to get repairs done to prevent moisture from damaging your flue and masonry lining.
  • Inspect to ensure that your chimney cap is in ideal condition. If you do not have one already, you need to get it installed as soon as possible since it will help you keep critters and moisture from causing damage and acts as a spark guard that protects your home against potential dangers caused by any flying embers.

The flue 

You need to use a flashlight to inspect your flue lining former, but it would be much better if you hired a professional expert since they’re going to use special equipment to make a detailed inspection from top to bottom. 

You need to be thorough with this type of examination since even the most minor crack in your flue can expose the home to a substantial risk of a hazardous chimney fire and even an intense house fire. 

Our professionals from Elegant Fireside And Patio recommend you need to get at least one annual inspection of your fireplace if you wish to ensure the safety of your house and your loved ones. By catching problems early, you prevent many excessive and costly damages from occurring.

Chimney maintenance is not as tedious as people believe; all our professionals will inspect, clean, and make any repairs if required. If you want to, our experts can also apply waterproofing products to give you even better results.

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Contact our professionals if you notice any problems or changes to your chimney, which includes:

Spalling (cracking, crumbling, or flaking of the metal or brick)

Moisture or water damage in the fireplace

Damaged cap or crown

Damaged flashings

Cracks between stone or brick

At Elegant Fireside And Patio, we provide various chimney repair services to suit all of your chimney repair metes and bounds. 

No matter the damage, our professionals have numerous repair services that will ensure that your chimney looks its best and is no longer a severe threat to the rest of your property. 

Our professionals can help you waterproof your chimney, repair the smoke chamber, fix your firebox, and fix all other problems you may be facing with your chimney. 

If you live in Plano, TX, and are hoping to hire a professional expert to help you with your chimney problems, then you need to give us a call at 972-846-4878 or contact us online. With over 30 years of experience, we will provide you with professional services at a competitive price.





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