Charcoal Grills & Smokers in Plano

Grills that Guarantees Perfection Cooking

Smoking on a charcoal grill in the backyard of your house is one of the most fun things to do with family and friends. But to have the right grilling and smoking results, you must have proper outdoor equipment that wont let you down. We have top of the range charcoal grills and smokers in Plano that guarantee perfection when it comes to outdoor cooking. Our charcoal grills and smokers in Plano offer unmatched grilling and smoking versatility. Our products are multi-purpose; they can grill, roast, bake and smoke any food. In reality, our products provide the same functions as an oven and a smoker combined. We only deliver top products from industry leading brands like the Firemagic range of smokers and accessories and Primo ceramic grills.

FireMagic Charcoal Grills and Smokers in Plano
This company delivers commercial grade stainless steel and high capacity smokers that guarantee high capacity charcoal grills that are available in many models. FireMagic pieces of equipment and accessories provide style and quality to the charcoal grill and smoker enthusiast. Some of the popular smokers in stock are as follows.

Charcoal Smoker 24s-SMB; this outdoor equipment is made of pure stainless steel. It has a digital thermometer with meat probe functionality for accurate heat control. It has dual stack ventilation that offers total control and accurate airflow. It is spacious to allow preparation of large meats and to prepare various foods. This smoker has a cooking capacity of six cubic feet, and it uses charcoal, wood pallet and wood chunks as fuel.

Charcoal portable 24-SC01C-61; also made of stainless steel, it comes with an adjustable charcoal pan that facilitates easy heat control. It has an easy to access front door to add wood chunks or charcoal. It has a smoker hood and analog thermometer and comes in two sizes i.e. the 22 series 432 and the 24 series 540. Other outdoor equipment from this reputable company includes the Charcoal Firemaster and the Charcoal built-in grill among others.

Primo Grill Product Line
This company provides ceramic grills that meet all the outdoor cooking needs. Every product is intended to be the main outdoor cooker, but they can be added to a built-in outdoor kitchen or to go together with an existing grill or smoker. Some of the products are the Jack Daniels Edition Oval XL 400, Primal Oval XL 400 and Primal Oval LG 300. All these products embody American originality and quality craftsmanship. Come and visit Elegant Fireside and Patio and know more about charcoal grills and smokers in Plano!

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